Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our comprehensive air hygiene programme covers testing for ventilation air quality in compliance with TR/19 ensuring that reasonable yet not excessive levels of cleanliness are maintained, thus keeping costs to a minimum. By method of a vacuum test (V.T) or by deposit thickness test (D.T.T)for ventilation system surface conditions we can establish if a ventilation system requires regular monitoring or cleaning.

Including within this service will be an air hygiene logbook to assist with the management control process covering the following items:-

  • Details of Plant and areas served
  • Categorization of system in terms of risk
  • Indication of testing points
  • Schedule of filter types per system
  • Technical information on system
  • Planned maintenance schedules
  • D.T.T or V.T results
  • Swab Analysis

Benefits of Our Service

Air monitoring can establish if a system requires cleaning, preventing any unnecessary expense.

Maintaining a healthy environment by reducing the main contributor to "sick building syndrome”

All work we undertake is to the specification outlined in the HVCA (Heating & Ventilating Contractors Association) document TR/19.

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